New Asia Bar and Grill

  • The New Asia Bar and Grill is a restaurant tailored to the young and chic which offers a variety of Asian cuisines cooked to order from several front of the house open kitchens as well as a Raw/Champaign bar.
  • Downlights were placed along the windows to cast light down onto the venetian blinds to create texture and atmosphere.
  • A double high backlit onyx bar serves both the main floor and the mezzanine.

  • Large red lanterns hung from the high ceiling create a focal point as well as helps to define the space.
  • Custom design eye-catching resin furniture (cocktail table and stools) create a dazzling effect to the bar.

  • The sushi bar in the New Asia Bar and Grill was decorated with black river stones, black granite countertop, and rugged wooden bar stools to create a Japanese feel.
  • Downlights were strategically placed to emphasize the texture of the black river stone walls.